Come and join the BCMF Family Where our only goal is to help you reach yours!

Come and join the BCMF Family where our only goal is to help you reach yours!

Welcome to BCMF TOTAL PHIT Gym

At BCMF, we treat you like FAMILY because that’s what you ARE! Every person is WELCOME, from the college athlete to the stay at home mom. From the CEO to the recently retired! Our class is designed to allow you to go at YOUR PACE and at YOUR LEVEL, but still be part of the group. There is no “keeping up”! We all start and finish TOGETHER. Your first class is always FREE, come see what makes BCMF the right gym for you!
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What makes this gym different?

BCMF is a hidden gem in Trinity. The workouts are mostly station/circuit based and they are ALWAYS different. Not only changing with each body region each day- but within that not one leg day is identical to another. The workouts are always challenging even for someone who works out 5-6 days a week for years. BCMF is focused on mostly weight lifting exercises. The trainers are also so involved in class which is extremely motivating. They will workout right next to you and be counting aloud throughout the workout so they are always engaged in the class. Jennie always seems to kick my *** and is a great motivation! Great gym!
- Stephanie P.
This place is the first gym I’ve been into where they can truly help people at all different stages of their fitness journey. I took my first class; hadn’t worked out in a long time; and they made me feel completely comfortable. They motivated me throughout my workout and gave me tips along the way. I can’t recommend them enough!
-Helen F.
BCMF is great!! I have taken time off a couple times but always find myself going back because I just don’t get the same Satisfaction at any other gym! When I leave a class at BCMF I feel like I accomplished something. It’s a great place. Everyone is so nice and welcoming! I highly recommend giving them a try, you won’t be sorry!
- Jennifer L.
Hands down one of the best decisions I've made is to take a chance, push aside my fear and preconceived notions, and take that first free class. 30 pounds down and stronger than ever! This gym is a family who inspires and motivates each other to crush goals! Best. Gym. Ever.
- Kasey O.

~ We are not a corporate gym ~

~ We do not have the fanciest equipment ~

~ We don’t pull our workouts out of a book ~

~ We were built from the ground up ~

~ We are passionate ~

~ We learn every members name ~
~ We have the best results in town! ~