There is no magic pill, no “quick fix” that will help you reach your goals overnight. The SECRET is simple… consistent training & proper nutrition! Dietary guidance and proper meal planning are crucial elements for those looking to bring their fitness and health to the next level. Proper Timing, Proper Portions and Proper Macronutrient Balance are essential in order for our bodies to function at full potential.

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Eating Healthy does not have to be miserable!! Enjoy your food, enjoy your spices and enjoy your flavors… all while you still hit your goals!

This chicken sausage and peppers recipe is one of our favorites. ONE PAN and very little prep work makes this an easy dish with very little clean up. We chose to use a pre-cooked chicken sausage and the pre-sliced peppers and onions help cut down the prep time. As busy moms and gym owners, we love to share tips and tricks that help us save on time in the kitchen while still focusing on our goals. Enjoy this flavor packed, healthy recipe that your entire family will love in under an hour.

Basic Weight Loss Consultation

This plan is focused to help you achieve weight loss and is built for you based on your responses to a few general questions about you, your goals and your current activity level. The plan will focus on portion control and we guide you with some of the “ideal” food options to choose from. You are free to decide WHAT to eat each meal to make sure the plan stays interesting and enjoyable!

What’s included:

1. Daily meal guide detailing portion sizes with ideal food options list

2. Meal Plan Consultation with one of our staff to go over how to read the plan, answer any questions you have and give you access to reach us later for more questions. It is a lifestyle change, not a diet!!

3. Supplements INCLUDED in the plan is a Level1 meal replacement protein. Other supplements may be recommended (if needed)

Weight Loss Meal Plan Consultation – $100

Nutrition Consultation